Daddy’s Barbershop has long supported the values and character of upstanding Leathermen. Our Leather Title like our Brand is bridge between non-profits and our community. Daddy’s Believes in the importance of giving back to the community that supports us and helps us thrive.

2013 – Tony Hunter – First Runner Up
2014 – Nile Eckhoff – Second Runner Up
2015 – Trevor Black – Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015
2016- Jacob Ray-Second Runner Up
2017 -Geoff Millard – Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017
2018 – Austin James (Whisper) who competed in 2018
2019 – Jawn Marques – Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019

If you are interested in carrying on the tradition of greatness please speak to one of us about what it takes to be a Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather!


Jawn Marques

Daddy’s Barbershop is PROUD to announce news of Jawn Marques; Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop 2019 who went on to earn the Mr. San Fracisco Leather title, taking First Runner Up at International Mr. Leather 2019, in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend.

Standing proud with former San Franciscan Jack Thompson, now living in Baltimore, as Mr. International Leather 2019!

Together STRONG!


Geoff Millard

Geoff Millard (Mr Daddy’s Barbershop 2017, Mr San Francisco Leather 2017 & 1st runner up at IML 2017) is that bear you see in all brown leather. He is a disabled Iraq veteran, bootblack, and leatherman originally from Buffalo, NY. He now lives in Baltimore, MD.